A complete guide on Green Card and Visa Application

It is very needful for one to understand the difference between a green card and a visa though most people seem to believe that green card and visa application is the same. The answer is no, each has a separate purpose with different specifics in order to acquire and retrain them.


Meaning of Visa

This is an authorization in the nature of a stamp in one’s passport allowing a foreigner to come and stay for a particular time which is also indicated in the stamp, which is usually indicated in this sticker/stamp. In a broad instance, the visa is acquired in the foreigner’s country by means of application and paying of fees and filing appropriate documents at the US embassy or consulate at that particular home country.



A green card gives you undeniable access to stay in U.s as long as you desire, it does not give you a duration for expiration unlike a Visa  which a  temporary pass for limited and specified for the individual to stay in the U.S for a period of time, Take for example;

A non-immigrant visa
The Non-immigrants are visas an individual obtains, giving them temporary residence for a particular period of time after which once that period expires you would have to leave.

No matter the kind of visa an individual acquires it would not, however, give such an individual a permanent residence.  Note that there are other avenues for one to acquire a permanent residence through non-immigrant visas such as student visas, business visitor and tourist visas, work visas with exchange visitors.


The visa holders are quite different from the green card holder because they cannot be given the immigrant status. Since they got permanent residency through the green card, they are not subject to any form of the time limit for their stay in the States. Green cards have no expiry dates unless the holder has violated the terms of the card or is otherwise found guilty of committing a crime in the immigration court. However, it is important to note that green card holders would only be able to enter the US after a successful visa application. Therefore, green card and visa application goes hand in hand

Note that a visa holder is not allowed to work in the United States except when he/she is on a specific work visa type, whereas the green card holder, can choose to work in any occupation or company. The green card holders obtain a full right as a citizen except the right to exercise their franchise and vote, serve on juries, Or get a federal paid college expenses.

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