American Citizenship – the Naturalization Process in the United States

People come to the U.S for different reasons- to acquire school education, come for training and seminars, for vacation, but most importantly, as part of their job requirements or for marriage and family purposes. In whatever country you live in for the long term, it is very important that you become a citizen of that place to receive all benefits and rights, which in this case, is the American citizenship.

There are different ways one can acquire American citizenship, one of which is the naturalization process. This is the legal process that allows foreigners to become citizens of the United States and ensure full rights and benefits. The first step in this process is to obtain your green card, and can be gotten through three ways:

  • Through your family members: You will be able to be sponsored if one of your family members is living in the United States.
  • Through your job: People get their green card through their jobs, especially if it is permanent employment. Your employer can sponsor you or you can sponsor yourself without an employer if you have extraordinary skills and abilities
  • As an asylum or refuge seeker: People who have run away from their home country as a result of war, conflict or natural disaster can seek for a green card in the U.S if they have stayed more than a year.

After that is done, you must ensure that you satisfy all residency conditions. Provide all legal documents that state that you have been a legal resident of the US for more than five years and be physically present for more than thirty months during those five years. Then you submit all personal documents stating that you are not less than eighteen years of age, have good moral conduct with no criminal record and be able to understand, write and speak the English language. If your documents are assessed and deemed satisfactory, then you proceed to give your biometrics and prepare for your English and civics test. Once passed, you prepare for an interview. This is a very important stage in getting your American citizenship. Ensure you give off a good impression and answer the interviewer’s questions with all honesty. Sometimes, the interview comes before the English test. If you speak very well in the interview, you may not have to write the test.

Then taking the Oath of Allegiance to the United States is the final step in getting your American Citizenship. Ensure you review the questions with an officer at the naturalization ceremony, and you’re good to go!


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