American Lottery Registration

You may be aware of the fact that the American Lottery registration takes place every year, and with it comes the opportunity for people to achieve that dream and desire to become permanent residents of the USA. Every year, about 55,000 slots are created for immigrants, and this is made possible through the Immigrant Visa Program created by the U.S. There is so much uniqueness about the American Lottery that always has people anticipating the next date to participate in the exercise. The anticipation by many is due to the fact that many have also gone through the processes and come out successfully. The American Lottery registration is always open to almost everyone; however, there are some countries that may not participate in the process, as such countries may have been excluded from the lottery. One particular reason why countries get excluded from partaking in the exercise is due to the fact that such countries may have exceeded the number of immigrants allocated to them.

If you desire to be among others talking about the American dream, and you are not a permanent resident, or perhaps you have never been to America, and intend to go there to legally become a permanent resident, then you should try the American Lottery program, and you just may be one of the lucky 55,000 to come through.

Participating in the program requires you getting the American Lottery registration form and application, filling it correctly and appropriately, and then submitting. However, it will interest you to know that the process can be intricate and daunting; hence, increased susceptibility to errors and mistakes that can cost you the opportunity of a lifetime. If there is an error in your filled American Lottery registration application, then there is every possibility that you may lose that opportunity, and have to wait until the next year to apply.

We cannot overemphasize how important it is to be accurate about your personal information when filling the application, because as we have iterated, incorrect, false or incomplete information can result in disqualification, and you do not want that. You need us to handle your American Lottery registration for you, and we will assist you through the whole process, while paying very careful attention to detail, so that you do not make costly errors, and if we discover errors prior to submitting the American Lottery registration application, we will have them corrected and crosschecked before sending it in for submission.

You deserve to get your wish of becoming a legal and permanent resident of the United States of America, because it comes with a lot of benefits, and creates a plethora of opportunities for you. We have been in the business of helping clients out with their applications for a while, hence, we are knowledgeable about the tricky parts, and how to meander our way through and around the application, in order to avoid errors, and thus jeopardize your chances of becoming the next one to win the American Lottery.


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Top reasons why you should get the American Green Card

One of the most highly sought things when it comes to the world of immigration would surely be the American green card. For most people around the world, America is the home of opportunities and is surely the best place to live in the world. If you are contemplating if getting the American green card is the best, we are here to tell you emphatically that it is.

Here are some of the top reasons why we strongly believe that the American green card is simply out of this world;

Chance of American Citizenship

The American green card gives you more than just the normal permanent residency. It also gives you the chance to actually become a US citizenship in the future. So while you are busy enjoying the various benefits which come from having a green card, you can look at the future with ease for you and your kids as you would probably get to spend the rest of your lives in the United States of America. That would simply be glorious!


Having a green card allows you to work in the United States. For this reason, there is a particular route to getting the green card that deals only with people who are planning to come to the US to get work. These ones can be sure that they would have the best opportunity to work and provide for their family under very comfortable circumstances.


One of the most important things in our life is without a doubt our health. In many countries around the world today, health care is seriously low. However, the American green card would allow you to enjoy health care beyond your dreams. You would have access to some of the best hospitals in the world. The good part of all this is that you would not have to pay for most of it. You would surely have a wonderful time in the US once you have been able to secure your American green card.


While the world becomes so much less secure, the US enjoys some relative peace. You can be sure that you would not have to take the same measures that are taken in places where violence is the order of the day. Everything that you ever wanted your country to be would be present in the US. The American green card is your key to unlocking all of this and even more!

Does this make you want to live and work in the US? If it does, then getting the American green card is possible. The processes can be handled by you. However, if you feel overwhelmed by it or you would simply want to avoid making a mistake, we would be happy to help you with your application and the processing of your files. We make it our goal to ensure that all our clients are well settled and enjoy their green card status in the US for a long time to come.


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Permanent Resident

I’m pretty sure most of us by now have heard about the U.S green card in one way or another. However, I’m also pretty sure most of us are not quite sure what all the green card talk is about, and you now find yourself asking what exactly a Green Card is? To this, this article is to serve as an answer to the aforestated question and an all-around guide on the U.S green card

The United States green card is an immigration visa for the U.S. Furthermore, it is officially and formally referred to as the United States permanent resident card. With the green card, you can live and participate in a whole lot of activities in the U.S, you can attend Universities like Yale and Harvard, you can be part of a new tech company or be employed by the technological heavyweights of America. Following these already mentioned aspects of the green card, there are also added rights and responsibilities that you can enjoy with a permanent resident card. So, from this, you can see that the permanent resident card is not anything as similar to a Tourist visa, rather, it is a means to which to make the United States your home.

How To Get a Green Card?

The next thing to know while trying to fully grasp the idea of permanent residency through a green card is how to get the green card. Naturally, obtaining a green card is of course not an easy task, as it is highly sought after and of course the U.S immigration measures are of a tight hand. However, it does not mean getting the green card is an impossible feat. To this, one can get permanent residency via the green card, through one of the following means. These are:

  • Through a sufficient investment into an American business
  • Through a family member or relative who’s already a united state citizen or green card holder
  • Through a highly skilled job opportunity
  • Through winning the visa or green card lottery.

While the other means of getting a green card might seem straightforward, I am pretty sure the last one caught your eye. That being the United States green card lottery.

The U.S Green Card Lottery.

The green card lottery is basically an awesome way of gaining permanent residency in the United States. If unfortunately, you do not have any family members or immediate relatives who are citizens or green card holders of the united states, or you have no current job offers or opportunity in the U.S, then this likely is your best chance. The United States via its department of state and other relevant authorities, give away 50,000 green cards yearly to applicants of the green card lottery. However, you must be a citizen of an eligible country to apply or fall into any other qualifying exceptions.

In conclusion, flowing from what is giving above, you can clearly see why there is a lot of buzz surrounding the U.S green card, as getting it creates a good path to becoming a U.S citizen. Also, to further understand all there is to know about the green card, you can employ the services of a company like ours.


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Immigration to the United States

What is immigration?

Immigration is the process of moving to another country in other to permanently reside there. Today, there is an increase in the level migration to the United States and those who have not yet migrated, when asked have declared an intention to migrate to the united states.

Causes of migration to the United States

  • Search for greener pastures

Many migrants and intending migrants have said that the need for their migration was as a result of the search for greener pastures. This is because the United States being a Developed country is assumed to have more survival opportunities.

A United States employer can also sponsor a certain set of skilled workers who would be offered permanent jobs and to this would result in migration of the employee.

The United States law also allows a prospective immigrant to sponsor himself. However, the United States provides laid down laws which provide for a number of special immigrant categories. However, getting a visa has always been a major problem when it comes to migration to the United States in search of greener pastures.

Where can I get help?

If working and living in the United States has always been your dream, the greencardorganization is at your service to help you acquire your US green card. Register at



  • To promote family unity and strong bond

A citizen of the United States can cause his or her spouse, parents a son or daughter, brother or sister to migrate in other to promote family unity and avoid the risk of flying in and out of his or her country after a long time for few weeks visitation.  Do you intend migrating to be with family? Do you intend helping family member migrate to be with you?


Where to get help

If you intend to migrate to the United States in other to be with family members, or you intend to help your family members migrate, the greencardorganization which is a nongovernmental organization is on hand to help you process and get your visa to you. And is also responsible To help you prepare adequately so as not to miss out on the chances of getting hour visa opportunity.


  • The Need for Medical attention

The need for medical attention has also been a cause for migration. Good Health which is of the utmost importance has caused many to migrate to the united states. Sadly, some has gone through a lot of difficulty in trying to migrate to the United States.


What can you do to avoid such difficulties?

To avoid difficulties in getting a Green card, contact the greencardorganization using the link The greencardorganization is always readily available to help you get your visa easier, faster and without stress. You can assure of the companies close support throughout the process and assistance until you get your Visa.

The greencardorganization also renders other services such as consulting, how to answer questions (if the individual wins the lottery), directing and preparing candidates for interview in the general embassy of that country and many more.


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Greencardorganization – Filling The United States of America Green Card Lottery Form

The green card lottery, also referred to as the Diversity Visa Program is one of the simplest ways to get a green card. Before getting a green card lottery, you will be required to fill the green card lottery form. Greencardorganization offers you a number of trained professionals to help you out in properly filling your green card lottery form. Our staff also provide you the guidance you require through the rest of the application process.

Greencardorganization guide to filling out a green card lottery form include:

  1. Timeliness

Timeliness is very important when filling out a green card lottery form because you are given no more than 30 minutes to fill out your information on the form. Greencardorganization ensures your form is filled out before your 30 minutes runs out. Mistakes can be corrected after filling out the lottery form.

  1. Correctly written names

Your names will be the first personal information required on the form. The Greencardorganization staff will ensure that you write your name in the correct order. That is, your last name first, followed by your first name, then lastly your middle name.

  1. Free registration

Our Greencardorganization personnel will definitely let you know that the registration for the green card lottery form is free, so you don’t have to worry about being scammed. Be wary of any person or site that suggest you pay for registrations.

  1. Confirm eligibility

It is important that you confirm your eligibility for a green card lottery before filling the form. The Greencardorganization staff will explain what you need to be eligible for the lottery. Firstly you need a high school certificate, and you also need to ensure that the green card lottery is available to your country. If you are considered to be a threat to the US or have a criminal record, you will not be eligible for a green card lottery. Greencardorganization will help you confirm your eligibility for a green card lottery.

  1. Fill the form with correct information

It is very important when filling out a green card lottery form that you give correct information. Giving the wrong information might make you appear suspicious and also risk your chance of getting the green card. Avoid forging details or purposely giving wrong information. Greencardorganization can assist you in filling your form with the correct information.


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Green Card Permanent Resident

Benefits of becoming a green card permanent resident

So you want to become a green card permanent resident? If you do, the road can be long and sometimes frustrating. However, the end is always sweeter than the beginning. However, it is important that you realize that you are not alone in this journey. There are so many people out there that would be looking for ways in which they can become a green card, permanent resident. One of the reasons is because of the numerous benefits which come from being one. Here are some of the benefits which you stand to get;

US citizenship

When you become a green card permanent resident, you are one step closer to become a US citizen. Becoming a citizen could open your life a whole new world. You would be able to vote and be voted for in America. You would also be able to access the full rights which a US citizenship is allowed. Your life would dramatically change for the better and life would get even better for your kids and family.

Employment opportunities

You would be able to enjoy greater employment opportunities in the US than in any other country. This is the world’s largest and biggest economy. The opportunities which you would find in the US after becoming a green card permanent resident are endless. You would be able to get a better standard of living for yourself and your children in the process. You would be in a better place altogether

Social Amenities

Another thing which you would no doubt need to consider is social amenities. When you are in the US, you would have so many things that you can look forward to enjoying. As a green card permanent resident, you would have access to pretty much everything. You would no doubt want to enjoy these things with your family.

If you want to become a green card permanent resident holder, we would be happy to help you with all your filing processes. The process for getting a green card can be long and quite tiring. If you are not cut out for the stress, then we would be glad to help you in any way that we can. We are aware of how the green card is probably the most important part of one’s life and we would be happy to aid the process. You would thus have the opportunity to make your dream a reality.


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What you need to know about your USCIS green card status

You finally made the move to get the green card and stay permanently in the US. You find the necessary documents and you have them completely filled and done the proper way. You file everything that you would need and submit them to the USCIS. The question that is running through your mind would be what next about this. The next thing is to make sure that you know your USCIS green card status.

Once you make your application and complete it, your USCIS green card status would be seen as pending with the USCIS. Once you have your USCIS green card status ascertained, here are a few other things which you should focus on;


It is only normal that you move from place to place. If such movement occurs during the period that your USCIS green card status is still pending, you would have to make it known and update your address with the USCIS. This is paramount if you want your USCIS green card status to be successful.

Processing period

Once you have applied for a green card and you have confirmed your USCIS green card status to be pending, you can expect that it would take some time to process it. Fortunately for you, the USCIS has a list of the period which it would take before this process is completed. You should make sure that you have an idea of this period so that you have a particular date fixed in mind.

With the USCIS, it is also possible to check your case that is pending with them. All you would have to do is to make sure that you have got an application number with the USCIS. With this, you can have full access to the status of your case.

Your USCIS green card status is important as it lets you know where you are in the stream of time. If you have any issues with your green card registration and USCIS green card status, we would always be ready to help as processing it on your own can be a bit frustrating.

Would you like to have a green card in the future? We would be happy to help! Immigration to the United States would take some processes before it can be reached. These processes can be done by yourself but may be too complicated to carry out. We would be happy to help you with all the things that you would need.


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A complete guide on Green Card and Visa Application

It is very needful for one to understand the difference between a green card and a visa though most people seem to believe that green card and visa application is the same. The answer is no, each has a separate purpose with different specifics in order to acquire and retrain them.


Meaning of Visa

This is an authorization in the nature of a stamp in one’s passport allowing a foreigner to come and stay for a particular time which is also indicated in the stamp, which is usually indicated in this sticker/stamp. In a broad instance, the visa is acquired in the foreigner’s country by means of application and paying of fees and filing appropriate documents at the US embassy or consulate at that particular home country.



A green card gives you undeniable access to stay in U.s as long as you desire, it does not give you a duration for expiration unlike a Visa  which a  temporary pass for limited and specified for the individual to stay in the U.S for a period of time, Take for example;

A non-immigrant visa
The Non-immigrants are visas an individual obtains, giving them temporary residence for a particular period of time after which once that period expires you would have to leave.

No matter the kind of visa an individual acquires it would not, however, give such an individual a permanent residence.  Note that there are other avenues for one to acquire a permanent residence through non-immigrant visas such as student visas, business visitor and tourist visas, work visas with exchange visitors.


The visa holders are quite different from the green card holder because they cannot be given the immigrant status. Since they got permanent residency through the green card, they are not subject to any form of the time limit for their stay in the States. Green cards have no expiry dates unless the holder has violated the terms of the card or is otherwise found guilty of committing a crime in the immigration court. However, it is important to note that green card holders would only be able to enter the US after a successful visa application. Therefore, green card and visa application goes hand in hand

Note that a visa holder is not allowed to work in the United States except when he/she is on a specific work visa type, whereas the green card holder, can choose to work in any occupation or company. The green card holders obtain a full right as a citizen except the right to exercise their franchise and vote, serve on juries, Or get a federal paid college expenses.

If you are looking to go for a visa application to be given a green card, then Greencardorganization would be happy to assist you. We understand the rigors that come with a green card and visa applications and we are ready to help in any way that we can


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US VISA lottery with Greencardorganization

How to apply for US VISA lottery with Greencardorganization?

Every year, many people are in search of a greener pasture based on several reasons such as education, employment, family, business or an environmental disaster, etc. These people tend to migrate to other parts of the world in search of a better life and makes use of any available immigration opportunity. The annual US visa lottery has been an efficient channel of immigration for many of these individuals. The US visa lottery is a government-sponsored program that takes place annually in a bid to accept qualified entrants into the country. US visa lottery application has always been much easier with greencardorganization.

greencardorganizationThe US visa department receives millions of applications annually and randomly select and screen application documents for qualified entrants. However, the green card made available is only able to cater to less than 50% of these applicants. Therefore, many applicants have found it difficult in achieving their desire for immigration. This is due to some unnoticeable error and unprofessional approach in application and submission of visa lottery forms. You need not worry anymore, greencardorganization is here to help you.  You are assured of a professional handling and successful submission of your visa lottery application form while you aspire to be among the lucky winners of the US visa lottery.

The greencardorganization is a company organized to help, educate and provide you with professional support for an application, filling and successful submission of your visa lottery application. It’s a company that has developed herself for the past 8 years in immigration services, DV lottery programs and educating her clients on legal immigration procedures.

Applying for a visa lottery has been a really difficult procedure in the time past but the greencardorganization has made the steps easier and simpler.

Here are the simple steps you need to take to apply for your visa lottery.

  1. Visit the website of the US embassy in your country to know if your country is eligible for application
  2. Check the latest month DOS bulletin to be sure if applications are still available
  3. Before you make your application, you should be sure to have a sponsor who could be a US citizen, an immediate family member who has acquired a US permanent resident permit, or a prospective US employer or educational institution.
  4. Find out if you have all the requirement for application. This could include a birth certificate, medical, marriage certificate (if you are married), court or prison record (if any), recent photograph in passport styles, etc.
  5. Ones you have all the needed documents ready, contact the greencardorganization who through their professional expertise can guide you to apply for a visa lottery form using all your detailed information.
  6. Decide on the visa lottery plan you want to apply for whether it’s a standard plan or a most popular plan. Greencardorganization will guide you on this.
  7. The forms will be completed and successfully submitted in regard to the US government requirements. A team of immigration and legal experts at the greencardorganization will thoroughly check through your application to make sure it meets the required standards. A confirmation code will then be sent to you which you will later use to check your application status.

Greencardorganization guarantees you a 100% participation in applying, filling and submission of your visa application form.



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Want to get a green card?

Every year, thousands of people battle for the dream of getting a green card. If you wish to get yours, then it is only normal that you get to know everything you can about green cards. Here are some things which we here at Greencardorganization would love to tell you about green cards:


Naturally, the first thing you should know about green cards is what it means. Having a green card would allow an individual who is not a citizen of the United States of America to live and work in the country. This is usually known as having permanent residency.

Why is having a Green card so exciting?

Having a green card is the ultimate dream for many people due to the various benefits that it offers its holders. For examples, individuals who have a green card would be allowed to work and live in the United States. In other words, they would be legally allowed to reside in the United States on a permanent basis. Another benefit which comes with it is faster access to citizenship. Individuals who obtain a green card would be able to apply for citizenship within a short period of time… (Usually around 3 to 5 years).

How do we help?

Greencardorganization can really help the process of applying for a green card easier for you. We offer a variety of things. Here are some of the services which you can expect from us:

  • We help our clients to file their different application forms for a green card. Whether it is a marriage green card or work green card, Greencardorganization would be there to make your application process stress-free
  • We have a group of professionals who are not only interested in the services we offer but in seeing our clients settled and satisfied in record time.
  • Offer you the best advice possible as to how to approach the visa interview at the US consulate or in USCIS if you reside in the United States.

We promote the feeling and idea that with us backing you up, you can be assured that the entire process would be nothing but a success. Greencardorganization is also on hand to ensure that you successfully claim your lottery if you turn out to be the winner. We are always at your service.


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