Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery

Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery has a short registration period.  Every year, the Department of State publishes very detailed instructions for entering the Diversity Visa Program. Selection of applicants is done randomly by the department of state. Information on Direct immigration visa is usually uploaded on or before May 7.

How do you go about it?

When you have submitted a complete entry, your name would come up on the confirmation screen, including a unique confirmation number. You would have to print the confirmation screen as it will be part of your records. You should also make important notice of your confirmation number as it would be used to check the status of your entry and if you are selected, you would need it for an interview.

You do not require any money for the registration and it is better your complete registration yourself without the aid of any kind. Not even a consultant or an agent because you would need to provide the correct answers you filled when your entry is being prepared. You would also get to retain both your confirmation page and number.

All the information you need for your status Check would be on the Electronic Diversity Visa (E-DV) website where you can check if your registration has been selected or rejected. Your confirmation number which was gotten when you fill out an entry form would be required to check your entry status, so you should keep the number safely because it cannot be resent and you would have no means of checking your entry status. If your entry gets selected, you would be directed to a confirmation page, and you should follow the instructions which would be given.

If you get a message that you have been selected for the direct immigration visa from the Electronic Diversity Visa website then you would be given a list of steps to follow on the website. If you are present in the country when you get selected, then you can apply for permanent residency for the duration of this DV program exercise.

During the course of this processing, you would have to submit your qualifications as well as your Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application, plus other supporting documents. If you do not have the necessary qualifications which would be communicated to you, then you should stop running the program immediately.

After the processing, an interview date would be set which you have to attend. After the interview, the consular would let you know if you’ve been accepted or denied.


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