Greencardorganization offers the best tips when filling a marriage green card form

Finally, ready to settle in the US with your spouse? Or perhaps you have waited patiently for this moment for a long time and now its finally here. You have the green card application forms in your hands. However, one of the biggest challenges you would likely face when filling the green card form is knowing the essential things which you are going to need for the application. Greencardorganization is happy to offer some much-needed tips on how to adequately fill out a marriage green card application form!

GreenCardOrganizationYou are going to need to provide some much-needed certificates which are crucial to having your application forms approved. One of the most vital ones would be your birth certificate. Having it with you is a fundamental start. Another certificate which would most likely need is your marriage certificate. This would be your main proof that you are married to your spouse. Another certificate which you might have to present would be the police clearance certificate. So in all, you would most likely need to produce your birth certificate, marriage certificate, and your police clearance certificate. Greencardorganization would be on hand to ensure that this certificate would be ready and presented in an organized manner.

Chief among other documents which you would need to present would be documents relating to your financial status. This would most likely include the current amount of money in your bank account (bank statements). You might also need to present to them the records of the duration you spent in jail if applicable. You would also want to inform them of any prior violations you committed as relating to immigration in the United States. Other records would also include military records if you have ever served in the army. Having difficulty finding this document? Greencardorganization would be glad to help you ensure that you are ready for approval and subsequent interviews with the embassy.

Would you like to have a green card application which is stress-free and less complicated? Greencardorganization is always on hand to help you with the filing your green card forms. We are also interested in helping you prepare for the interviews and other things you would most likely face. We are always on hand to ensure that all documents are gotten and that your process goes as expected. With Greencardorganization, you can be assured that the green card would be yours in less than no time.



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