Greencardorganization presents the odds of winning the green card lottery

In life, everything that we do is based on probability. However, when it comes to green card lottery, never before would we want the probability to favor us so badly. If you’re registered in the green card lottery for this year, you would no doubt have the same feeling towards the lottery system. Greencardorganization understands how you feel about the green card lottery system. Here are some facts about the probability of getting a green card from the lottery system.

Lottery encompasses a lot of countries

GreenCardOrganizationThe lottery system is one which is not limited to just one country. The lottery system was used as a way to attract the various countries that had low populations in the United States. Therefore, you can expect that those countries would have more slots. It is important to note that not all countries are eligible for the lottery. Are you looking to find if you are eligible? We are always ready to help you with any concerns you might have at Greencardorganization. You can talk to us through our very friendly and approachable customer service.

Takes place only once

The green card lottery is designed to only take place in a year. Thus, almost 60,000 people from all countries that have been marked as eligible would be allowed to take place in the draw. Therefore, you have one shot at making your participation in the lottery count. It is important to note that if you are currently married, you would have the opportunity to increase the odds of you winning. This is due to the fact that both spouses can submit their lottery applications


In other to ensure that one region does not go home with all the green cards, each region around the world would have the opportunity to get some green cards irrespective of how small the region. Thus, people around the world would have equal opportunity in the draw. If you have any questions regarding your region, Greencardorganization would always be ready to help you discuss your concerns with the aim of solving them.

There are other things which Greencardorganization can help you achieve. Due to our experience in handling interviews, we have an idea of the type of questions you can expect during an interview. We are certain that you would find our services very reassuring.



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