Greencardorganization provides the top route to getting a green card

Getting a green card for many people is at the very top of their agenda. This is helped by the fact that there are various ways to achieve this goal. Here at Greencardorganization, we realize that due to the demand for green cards, it is important to utilize the number of routes which are available. Here are some of the more common routes:

Through Family

GreenCardOrganizationOne of the easiest ways of obtaining your green card is going through your family. A green card can easily be obtained if you already have a family member who is residing in America and is a citizen. However, it is important to note that only close relatives or family members are eligible for this option. Would you like to know just how eligible you are? Greencardorganization has various tests and consultants which would help you ascertain just how qualified you are.

Through Job

Another way in which you can get a green card is through a job. It is important to note that under the job routes, there are a number of channels which one can take to get a green card. For example, there are the subcategories of persons who are working in the arts, sciences and so much more. These are usually referred to as the priority workers. Other subcategories would include individuals who have advanced degrees, doctors or physicians and so much more. If you are confident in following this route, Greencardorganization would be delighted to help you achieve your dreams.


You can also obtain a green card if you are eligible for the refugee program. They are usually classified as a group of people who are termed to have faced hardship or persecution in their home country. This persecution may have come by way of their race or language. It is important to note that only persons who have spent at least twelve months in the US are eligible for this route. If you feel you are eligible and have questions, Greencardorganization through our talented consultants is always ready to help.

Here are three popular routes into the United States through the green card. If you feel you are qualified to get a green card and would like to take the first step, Greencardorganization would be willing to accept you with our hands opened wide. We are always looking for ways to make the lives of people around us better.



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