How to Apply for Us Citizenship

Whether it is for permanent residence for you or your family members, the importance of being a citizen cannot be overemphasized. Without it, you cannot fully enjoy the rights and benefits of being in a country, no matter how long you’ve lived there, especially in the US. Want to apply for US citizenship through the naturalization process but you have no idea of how to begin? Not to worry. We got you covered.

First, you have to know whether you are already a US citizen. A lot of people assume that they are not citizens just because they were not born there. Check your family records and birth documents. You automatically qualify for US citizenship if either or both of your parents by biological birth or adoption are citizens, whether you were born in the country or not.

Then, you check whether you are eligible to become a citizen. Do you have all the legal documents? Do you have a good command of the English Language? Have you been of good moral behavior? Have you been living in the US legally?  Ensure that you review all legal and personal documents that contain the required information needed for the next stage. Also, fill and submit immigration forms for the naturalization process.

On successful completion, proceed to the biometrics department to get your fingerprints and data taken. The USCIS will inform you on a suitable date and time. This is very essential in getting US citizenship, as it will help investigation agencies to run a background check on you. Ensure you arrive at the venue on time. After that, USCIS will schedule an interview. It can come before or after taking the English and civics test. This is one area many persons flop. Make sure that you answer all questions with confidence and a great amount of honesty. Do not fret even when the interviewer asks personal questions. Then the USCIS will reach a decision if your application is granted, denied or continued (this happens in cases where the applicant fails the English test or does not provide all documents).

The last and final stage in getting a US citizenship is taking the oath of allegiance to the country. If your interview falls on the same day with the naturalization ceremony and is successful, you may be allowed to take the oath of allegiance that day. But if not, the USCIS will give you a date and time. Make sure that you review the questions with the officer and turn in your permanent resident card, otherwise known as Green Card.


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