Migrating to the US, when can I apply for citizenship?

You’ve probably been in the US for a while as a PR, or you’re considering migration and want to know the best time to apply for a US citizenship. This is known as Naturalization. It’s a process whereby an individual decides to be Citizen of the United States voluntarily. When you get this granted and you become an American citizen, you then owe your allegiance to the United States and have the right, protection, and responsibility every US citizen exercise. You can also keep your previous citizenship as the US permits this and doesn’t require you dropping your initial citizenship for theirs.

So when can I apply for Citizenship?

  • Before you can apply for citizenship, you must first go through immigration processes and have a permanent residence. Your green card should be exercised for at least five years or if you’re filling for your spouse, it’s three years. After 5 years, you can then proceed to file for naturalization.
  • Note, If you wait till the expiry of your permanent resident card or till it has 6 months to go before expiring, then you must Renew your card before going through the naturalization process. While waiting for your new permanent resident card, you can apply for citizenship by submitting a copy of your form 1-90 receipt which is your application to replace your PR card when it’s given to you.
  • To be able to apply for US citizenship, you must have attained adulthood (18 years) during the time of filing. You should also be able to write, read and speak English even to a bare minimum. If you don’t know how to, you must learn before filing. You must be clean with the law as you must have a good moral character.
  • This being considered, after filing, you can then undergo the 10 step Naturalization process. This includes determining if you’re already a citizen and if you’re eligible to get a US citizenship. You must also file for Form N-400, the Application for Naturalization. And then submit. After that, you can proceed to the biometrics if you are Been considered eligible. You would take an interview and the USCIS would either grant or deny your case. After that, you would receive and take the oath of allegiance. You would then know your rights and opportunities as a US citizen.
  • You can watch videos and ask people how they went about theirs. If you cannot speak any English, you could attend classes or hire a tutor as this is necessary.


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