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I’m pretty sure most of us by now have heard about the U.S green card in one way or another. However, I’m also pretty sure most of us are not quite sure what all the green card talk is about, and you now find yourself asking what exactly a Green Card is? To this, this article is to serve as an answer to the aforestated question and an all-around guide on the U.S green card

The United States green card is an immigration visa for the U.S. Furthermore, it is officially and formally referred to as the United States permanent resident card. With the green card, you can live and participate in a whole lot of activities in the U.S, you can attend Universities like Yale and Harvard, you can be part of a new tech company or be employed by the technological heavyweights of America. Following these already mentioned aspects of the green card, there are also added rights and responsibilities that you can enjoy with a permanent resident card. So, from this, you can see that the permanent resident card is not anything as similar to a Tourist visa, rather, it is a means to which to make the United States your home.

How To Get a Green Card?

The next thing to know while trying to fully grasp the idea of permanent residency through a green card is how to get the green card. Naturally, obtaining a green card is of course not an easy task, as it is highly sought after and of course the U.S immigration measures are of a tight hand. However, it does not mean getting the green card is an impossible feat. To this, one can get permanent residency via the green card, through one of the following means. These are:

  • Through a sufficient investment into an American business
  • Through a family member or relative who’s already a united state citizen or green card holder
  • Through a highly skilled job opportunity
  • Through winning the visa or green card lottery.

While the other means of getting a green card might seem straightforward, I am pretty sure the last one caught your eye. That being the United States green card lottery.

The U.S Green Card Lottery.

The green card lottery is basically an awesome way of gaining permanent residency in the United States. If unfortunately, you do not have any family members or immediate relatives who are citizens or green card holders of the united states, or you have no current job offers or opportunity in the U.S, then this likely is your best chance. The United States via its department of state and other relevant authorities, give away 50,000 green cards yearly to applicants of the green card lottery. However, you must be a citizen of an eligible country to apply or fall into any other qualifying exceptions.

In conclusion, flowing from what is giving above, you can clearly see why there is a lot of buzz surrounding the U.S green card, as getting it creates a good path to becoming a U.S citizen. Also, to further understand all there is to know about the green card, you can employ the services of a company like ours.


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