Step by Step Guide on Immigration to USA

Ways One Can immigration to the USA

Have you always seen the US as the land of your dreams? Maybe you or your spouse have gotten a job offer and you would want to relocate but you do not know where to begin. With this tip and whatever reason, you may have, immigration to the USA should not be an overwhelming task for you.

The first way to consider when immigration to the USA is applying for an immigrant visa. You have to identify the type of visa you should apply for depending on the circumstance. Are you going alone or with family? Are you going on an employment basis? Are you from a country with low immigrant rates in the US? Consider all your options and choose the most suitable visa. You can get a sponsor to file a petition for you at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, either an employee or family member. Then wait for information from the National Visa Center after paying all your fees and providing all documents and medical reports. Because of the limited number of visas and thousands of entries, it may take several months or years before your application is answered. Once successful, prepare and attend the interview with a consular officer.

Another way to consider when immigration to the USA is by applying for a green card. Otherwise known as adjustment of status, it is given to persons who have spent not less than five years in the US as a result of work, marriage or family life. Ensure you gather all gather every document to back up your claims such as employment letter, marriage certificate, and copies of your tax payment and file them at the USCIS. If that is successful, you can go ahead to give your biometrics and other relevant information. USCIS will then take a decision on whether they will grant your application or not.

You can also consider immigration to the USA by becoming a citizen. You can start by re-enacting your citizenship if you were born in the country or one of its territories, or you have parents that are U.S citizens either by birth or adoption. If you don’t have such privileges, start the naturalization process if you have stayed there for more than five years as a green card holder by submitting the required legal and personal documents to the USCIS for consideration. Thereafter, ensure that you attend all interviews and answer the questions with honesty. If successful, proceed to take the oath of allegiance to the country.


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