Steps you should follow to complete the adjustment of status process you should know from Greencardorganization

Green card application comes in different ways depending on where you stay. If you live in America currently and you wish to apply for an American green card, the process would be known as the adjustment of status. This may require some different steps than the one you would take if you live in a different country. Greencardorganization brings you the best tips to ensure that you pass this process in record time.

Eligibility and Petition

The first thing you would have to do is to check your eligibility status. The categories of green cards vary. Therefore, while you may qualify for one category, this might not necessarily mean you would be qualified for the other. It is also important that you take this into consideration. You would also need someone to write and possibly file your petition for you. This may vary depending on the green card form which you are applying for. Greencardorganization would be happy to help with all concerns you may have about your eligibility status

Filing and Interview

Due to the fact that you most likely reside in the United States, you may need to apply and file for form I-485. This filing can be done easily on the USCIS website. After you have filed this form, you would also have to get ready for the interview process. Note though that the interview process would only take place after you might have conducted your biometrics completely. Having issues filing this form or perhaps anxious about how the interview might go? Here at Greencardorganization, we are completely dedicated to helping you get access to everything that you need.

Keep watch over your case

After all the needed details have been done, it is possible to keep watch over all the cases which you have done. This would allow you to know what to do next after your case has either been approved or rejected. Greencardorganization is always ready to assist you in a variety of ways. This would include filing your application forms to consultancy to giving professional advice on how to cope with the questions which would be asked.

By following the tips which we at Greencardorganization provide here, you would be ensuring that your chances of success in the green card adventure would be nothing but success in the future. We are always available to help!




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