US Citizenship application status

You can find out your US Citizenship application status by calling the number 1-888-433-01-35. A list of automated instructions Would be given to you, which you should follow. Your receipt number must be with you anytime you’re inquiring about your status. You can also use the following alternative and check it online yourself. If you filed your application for your US Citizenship, and have your receipt number, or applied through the USCIS service center, you should be provided with a receipt. Which implies you should have your receipt number with you. The service center receipts possess ten numbers coupled with three letters. So, if you want to check your US Citizenship status, then You can through Case Status Service Online. You will be provided with access to case status for applications you submitted to the USCIS Service Centers. You can check any time of the day as it is open 24 hours.

If you do not wish to use any of the above steps, you can opt for writing a letter. Your letter must include

  • Your full name (as is on your applications) and current address.
  • Your date of birth (D. O. B)
  • Where you filed your application
  • When you filed your application
  • Any Alien number is also known as your A-number, which contains 8- or 9-digit number starting with the letter “A”, which was assigned to you or to your application.
  • Your receipt number from any of the receipts issued to you by USCIS or Immigration and Naturalization Service. Also, if you filed electronically, you have to include a photocopy of your Confirmation Receipt notice
  • A photocopy from a notice sent to you recently by the Immigration and Naturalization Service or USCIS on your case. This applies only if you have received one.
  • The date and office where you did your biometrics and interview.

Things that could affect your US Citizenship status

If you are found guilty in involvement is any crime could jeopardize your chances of getting a US Citizenship. If you are caught lying or have a criminal record, your green card might also get revoked.

If you have children who do not live with you and you have no means of paying child support, it could delay or deny you a US Citizenship. If you owe back taxes, then your Citizenship application would most likely be denied. But if you have a good reason to not be paying child support and taxes, and the government finds it excusable, then you have no problem.


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