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How to apply for US VISA lottery with Greencardorganization?

Every year, many people are in search of a greener pasture based on several reasons such as education, employment, family, business or an environmental disaster, etc. These people tend to migrate to other parts of the world in search of a better life and makes use of any available immigration opportunity. The annual US visa lottery has been an efficient channel of immigration for many of these individuals. The US visa lottery is a government-sponsored program that takes place annually in a bid to accept qualified entrants into the country. US visa lottery application has always been much easier with greencardorganization.

greencardorganizationThe US visa department receives millions of applications annually and randomly select and screen application documents for qualified entrants. However, the green card made available is only able to cater to less than 50% of these applicants. Therefore, many applicants have found it difficult in achieving their desire for immigration. This is due to some unnoticeable error and unprofessional approach in application and submission of visa lottery forms. You need not worry anymore, greencardorganization is here to help you.  You are assured of a professional handling and successful submission of your visa lottery application form while you aspire to be among the lucky winners of the US visa lottery.

The greencardorganization is a company organized to help, educate and provide you with professional support for an application, filling and successful submission of your visa lottery application. It’s a company that has developed herself for the past 8 years in immigration services, DV lottery programs and educating her clients on legal immigration procedures.

Applying for a visa lottery has been a really difficult procedure in the time past but the greencardorganization has made the steps easier and simpler.

Here are the simple steps you need to take to apply for your visa lottery.

  1. Visit the website of the US embassy in your country to know if your country is eligible for application
  2. Check the latest month DOS bulletin to be sure if applications are still available
  3. Before you make your application, you should be sure to have a sponsor who could be a US citizen, an immediate family member who has acquired a US permanent resident permit, or a prospective US employer or educational institution.
  4. Find out if you have all the requirement for application. This could include a birth certificate, medical, marriage certificate (if you are married), court or prison record (if any), recent photograph in passport styles, etc.
  5. Ones you have all the needed documents ready, contact the greencardorganization who through their professional expertise can guide you to apply for a visa lottery form using all your detailed information.
  6. Decide on the visa lottery plan you want to apply for whether it’s a standard plan or a most popular plan. Greencardorganization will guide you on this.
  7. The forms will be completed and successfully submitted in regard to the US government requirements. A team of immigration and legal experts at the greencardorganization will thoroughly check through your application to make sure it meets the required standards. A confirmation code will then be sent to you which you will later use to check your application status.

Greencardorganization guarantees you a 100% participation in applying, filling and submission of your visa application form.



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