What you need to know about your USCIS green card status

You finally made the move to get the green card and stay permanently in the US. You find the necessary documents and you have them completely filled and done the proper way. You file everything that you would need and submit them to the USCIS. The question that is running through your mind would be what next about this. The next thing is to make sure that you know your USCIS green card status.

Once you make your application and complete it, your USCIS green card status would be seen as pending with the USCIS. Once you have your USCIS green card status ascertained, here are a few other things which you should focus on;


It is only normal that you move from place to place. If such movement occurs during the period that your USCIS green card status is still pending, you would have to make it known and update your address with the USCIS. This is paramount if you want your USCIS green card status to be successful.

Processing period

Once you have applied for a green card and you have confirmed your USCIS green card status to be pending, you can expect that it would take some time to process it. Fortunately for you, the USCIS has a list of the period which it would take before this process is completed. You should make sure that you have an idea of this period so that you have a particular date fixed in mind.

With the USCIS, it is also possible to check your case that is pending with them. All you would have to do is to make sure that you have got an application number with the USCIS. With this, you can have full access to the status of your case.

Your USCIS green card status is important as it lets you know where you are in the stream of time. If you have any issues with your green card registration and USCIS green card status, we would always be ready to help as processing it on your own can be a bit frustrating.

Would you like to have a green card in the future? We would be happy to help! Immigration to the United States would take some processes before it can be reached. These processes can be done by yourself but may be too complicated to carry out. We would be happy to help you with all the things that you would need.


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